The end of tribunal fees as we know it?

Has winter come for tribunal fees?


In 2013 the government introduced fees of up to £1200 for individuals wishing to bring tribunal claims in an effort to reduce the number of weak or unmerited claims bring brought.

Supreme Court Decision

After two high court decisions and one court of appeal decision, the UK’s most senior court has today ruled that the government was acting unlawfully and outside of its powers when it introduced fees at the current levels.  The court stated that it prevented access to justice and also that it was indirectly discriminatory against women because a higher number of women would bring discrimination claims

What happens now?

No further fees can be charged by the tribunal service in employment cases until a replacement scheme is announced.  For those who have already paid fees, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed that these will be reimbursed.

What we can do for you

Employees will no longer have to pay a fee to lodge their claim and this is likely to lead to an increase in claims as there is no longer the deterrent of high fees.  We can assist both employees and employers in any tribunal cases.


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