Employment Law Disciplinary Procedures

Most of the time the employment relationship goes smoothly, with no need for a disciplinary procedure. However there will be times whenever you employ staff that you hit a road bump and a disciplinary issue will arise. To ensure you do not open the business up to the risk of a claim further on down the line, you will need guidance to help you manage these issues. We can help you with this.

The law expects any employer, no matter how small or large, to follow a fair and objective procedure. The main points you have to be aware of are:

  1. Follow your company’s disciplinary procedure. If you do not have one, we can help you put one in place
  2. Identify and investigate the issue(s)
  3. Keep the employee updated in writing
  4. Allow the employee the opportunity to review the evidence before any hearing takes place. They will have the right to be accompanied by either a work colleague or a trade union representative
  5. Do not take any disciplinary action before the hearing takes place
  6. Take notes during any hearing and consider all the information before reaching a conclusion
  7. Your decision should be confirmed in writing
  8. Let the employee know they have a right to appeal

Disciplinary issues can be difficult to manage. They tie up company time and can be very disruptive, particularly for a small company. We can help you through the whole process. Why choose us?

  • We are specialist employment lawyers who understand the potential pitfalls
  • We will tell you what the law says and how to implement it in practice to achieve your aim.
  • We will make sure you follow the right process to minimise your exposure
  • We have many years experience handling disciplinary issues ranging from persistent lateness, rudeness, inappropriate comments on social media, theft and damage to company property
  • We can offer you employment law advice coupled with on hands HR support to help you actually run the HR process
  • We have experience gained from working for large multi-disciplinary law firms, working in house and at small local law practices. We have seen all aspects of employment law
  • We support clients across all sectors, public and private, large and small
  • We will help you with all the documentation, from policies through to supporting letters
  • We do not tie you in to any retainer arrangement. You are free to use our services as and when you need them

We will help you understand the law and implement the right steps at the right time, making sure your business is protected. If you have employment problems, we will help you solve them.