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Employment Legal Advice for Employees

This is about you

We can help you review the terms of your exciting new job.

Where we really come into our own is when times become more challenging.  When your employment relationship is threatened, we understand how upsetting, difficult and frightening this can become.  We will identify whether what is happening potentially breaches any employment rules, what you need and how we can help you to achieve it.  We can help you on all aspects of employment law, including :

  • redundancy
  • dismissal and disciplinary
  • grievances
  • performance management
  • flexible working requests
  • how the use of social media can get you into trouble
  • discrimination
  • settlement agreements and executive severance arrangements
  • tribunal claims

Before bringing a tribunal claim, you will have to engage with ACAS to see if a conciliation can be reached.  This is called Early Conciliation.

Settlement Agreements

Where an employment relationship is not going well, you may find yourself offered what is known as a settlement agreement.  They used to be called compromise agreements.

The aim behind a settlement agreement is to bring employment to an end and the agreement will stop you as the employee from bringing a claim against your employer.  By way of compensation, your employer will usually offer you an incentive to sign the agreement – this is usually a sum of money but it can also be a benefit/agreed reference.

A settlement agreement will only be valid if you take independent legal advice.  We are based in Knowle, Solihull but help individual employees both in the West Midlands area and nationally.  We will clearly explain what the agreement says and what its impact is on you.  Your employer will usually contribute a sum of money towards your costs of taking legal advice.

Being offered a settlement agreement can be stressful and upsetting.  We will provide all the support you need to manage this process effectively.