Case Studies

Case One: Redundancy Tribunal

We supported a company through a difficult redundancy situation. Four employees were at risk of redundancy and one of these employees challenged the redundancy from the outset, alleging bias and lack of objectivity. We supported the client all the way through the process. This particular employee brought a tribunal claim and wanted £35,000 to settle their claim. We offered a nominal sum on a commercial basis only a few days before the hearing and repeated the offer on the day of the tribunal hearing. The offer was rejected. At tribunal the employee lost on every count and walked away with nothing. Our client saved money and importantly sent a clear message to the rest of its staff that it would not give in to baseless threats.

Case Two: Settlement Agreement

We advised an employee being performance managed out of their employment for unconvincing and unsupported reasons. The initial offer made by the company under a settlement agreement was for one month’s salary – after two carefully crafted conversations, we secured an increased offer to six times the original amount with all legal fees covered.

Case Three: Employer Reputation

We were approached by a company in respect of a former employee who had resigned from their employment but then proceeded to bad mouth their former employer to its clients and customers. The most important issue to the client was its reputation. After just one letter from us requesting the employee to cease their errant behaviour immediately as well as requesting clear undertakings that they refrain from this behaviour going forwards, the employee immediately stopped their action and the employer’s reputation and its business was protected.

Case Four: Business Start-up Employment Contracts

We have successfully worked with a number of start up companies making sure that they are fully protected with regard to employment contracts and policies. We pay particular attention to ensuring that a company’s business information is protected. In addition, we make sure that appropriate restrictive covenants are in place to ensure that in the event of any disputes going forwards, the business, its interests and customers/suppliers are protected as far as possible from any rogue employee behaviour.

Case Five: Unfounded Disciplinary Proceedings

We worked closely with a senior executive being forced out of their organisation. During the settlement negotiations our client was threatened with unfounded disciplinary proceedings alleging gross misconduct. In a very emotional and upsetting scenario, we were able to negotiate a positive outcome to allow our client to move forwards from a particularly difficult situation that could have affected their future career prospects.