Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and / or Harassment at Work can be a serious thing. Not just from a legal stand point but from an emotional and personal stand point too. In these circumstances getting in touch with someone albeit a professional can be a hard first step. Here at Aeris Employment Law in Solihull, Birmingham we pride ourselves on providing that great and confidential first contact.

What is Bullying or Harassment

Bullying and harassment is behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated or offended. Harassment is unlawful under the Equality Act 2010. Examples of bullying or harassing behaviour can include spreading malicious rumours, unfair treatment, picking on someone, regularly undermining a competent worker, denying someone’s training or promotion opportunities. This can be done face to face, through email, letter or phone. Bullying in itself is not unlawful but Harassment is and if you feel you are being subjected to this in any shape or form then we are here to help.

We offer an initial consultation on your issue and to advise you if you have a case and if we can help. We offer this as a confidential service and you should not feel worried or apprehensive about coming to talk to us, as even if you do have a case it is still up to you whether you take it further.

What employees should do if they’re bullied or harassed

You should in the first instance get in contact with a professional. We are here to help you and advise you on the best course of action. Never feel scared or apprehensive as everything you tell us will be in the strictest confidence.

For further information on how we can help please get in touch. Visit our contact page and the contact form or via telephone or email on T: 0121 392 7479 E: [email protected]